florence's resort

the resort & the restaurant

Florence’s Resort, commonly known as “Franco’s”, is a small resort built and managed by a Sierra Leonean/Italian family and located directly in a pristine inlet of one of Sierra Leone’s unique river/ocean front beaches, it offers a beautiful view over the peninsula mountains and wonderful sun sets.

Renowned for its delicious cuisine made from daily fresh seafood, including Carpaccio, lobster, crab, prawns, and all sorts of fish, it also offers Italian dishes. The seven bedrooms, all ensuite with sea view, are built into the water, next to a beautiful open restaurant with huts on the beach.

what to expect

A uniquely relaxing time spent in a fantastic surrounding!

Our family does its best to make our guests’ visits with us as memorable as possible, in the best sense.
We have built up our hotel and restaurant over the past twenty years and are still continuing to do so. Franco and Florence have literally started from scratch and everything that you see is home-made or self-built.

the restaurant

Our well known seaside restaurant has several seating facilities, offering a large teak roofed restaurant and a beach front where you can relax under palms. During the raining season the teak roofed restaurant offers perfect shelter for a sumptuous meal.

Franco’s restaurant is a perfect spot for weddings, birthday parties as well as for business meetings and conferences.

An important note!
We strongly encourage our restaurant customers to make reservations and call ahead to preorder – especially on weekends – to avoid a long waiting time and to assure you can enjoy all your favorite dishes.

the menu

Great care and lots of love go into all our plates, and we blend wonderfully the Italian heritage with the bountiful offerings of our land.

Here’s Florence’s Menu (click on the link to open the pdf), so you can start savoring our recipes as well as – very important – call ahead with your choices, to reduce the waiting time.

where else to go/what else to do

Sierra Leone has beautiful beaches that all have a unique character. Each beach is situated at the mouth of a river and therefore the landscapes around these vary widely, with different colored beaches neighboring each other. Some beaches, like River No. 2 and Tokkeh Beach, are white sand beaches. Some like Black Johnson have black sand and most of the others golden/yellowish sands. All are in close reach from us and we can arrange day trips.

Fishing, snorkeling, diving or boat trips around these beaches or to close-by islands are a wonderful experience to consider making.

Apart from water and sand, Freetown peninsula also offers a few wildlife and hiking opportunities. The Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary is an old time favorite. Not far from here are also the Charlotte Falls.

A visit to the Guma Dam is worth making. From here you can make a fascinating hike through the rainforest all the way to River Number 2 and Tokeh. We can arrange the necessary day pass and a guide for your trekking tour.

the surroundings: our goals

Our aim is to be supportive towards the village we live in. Thus, we try to employ only workers from our village or close by villages as much as possible. Further, we mainly buy our seafood from the village fishermen and local produce from the surrounding areas. This is an important trait of our business and adds quality to your experience at Florence’s Resort.

the surroundings: friends and partners

There are a few family run hotels along the peninsula that we are in close relationship with. Living the same experience and trying to survive against the ever growing hospitality business in Sierra Leone with now mostly big franchise hotels, we believe of supporting each other.
Whenever we get a chance we not only commend one of the other beautiful resorts along Sierra Leone’s pristine beaches but particularly refer customers to our partner hotels near or far when we are full.

We work closely together and take pride in supporting the smaller and still growing colleague hotels that share equal values and goals.
A few of the friends we like to promote are:
• COCKLE POINT at River N2,
• River N2 Community,
• A guesthouse still in the making in Bawbaw village
• Kingslodge, right next to us.